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Teaching and Scholarship


If the subject area of an application is such that it crosses FC boundaries, whether or not the applicant has indicated that their application is interdisciplinary/cross-departmental, the Chair of the FC should ensure that, where appropriate, action is taken to obtain additional relevant information regarding the application (for e.g. duties carried out in other institutions) and, if necessary, additional References.   

Examples of instances where interdisciplinary/cross-departmental applications apply to the ACP T&S are: 

  1. An individual is employed by one institution but also delivers teaching in another; 
  2. An individual holds a T&S contract in more than one institution.  In this example, the contracts may be on the same, or different grades.  Where the grades are different, the individual will be promoted to the higher grade of both roles, in all institutions. 

The application may also be referred for consideration to a different SC.  In such cases, the FC should forward the application to the Secretary of the relevant SC(s), giving reasons and, if both Committees will be assessing the applicant, a view as to which SC evaluation should be given greater weight by the VCC.