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Teaching and Scholarship


Contribution increments may be awarded to applicants who show outstanding and sustained excellence in teaching, and outstanding and sustained service and contributions to the University and the wider academic community, within the dimensions of the current role and grade. The Head of Institution will be asked for a supporting statement and evidence to demonstrate how the applicant meets the criteria. 
Applicants are responsible for preparing and submitting their application to the HR Division by the deadline date specified in the timetable for that year’s scheme.  Applicants should complete the relevant documentation providing evidence for their sustained excellence in teaching and sustained general and/or administrative contributions and service in support of their institution’s academic priorities.  Applicants should provide examples and evidence in their application of any contribution they feel would support their case for progression.  

Most successful proposals will result in the award of one contribution increment; exceptional cases would need to be made for the award of more than one increment.  If an applicant is successful, this level of contribution then becomes the normal expectation for that postholder, and the same evidence will not attract additional contribution rewards in future. 

It would not normally be expected that an application for increments from the same candidate is made in two successive exercises.  However, if one increment has been awarded in a previous exercise, an application can be made for an additional increment in a subsequent exercise.

Pay Progression Procedure

Potential applicants are expected to seek advice from their Head of Institution before deciding whether to apply.  Heads of Institution, with the assistance of appropriate senior colleagues, if necessary, should ensure they review the contributions of each of their eligible University Associate Professors and Associate Teaching Professors and Senior Teaching Associates and Teaching Associates, so that all cases that meet the criteria are brought forward for consideration.  The decision on whether to submit an application will ultimately sit with the individual; however, Heads of Institution should encourage applications from individuals that meet the criteria and discuss any perceived barriers that may be preventing an individual from applying.  This ensures any Contextual Factors or COVID-related impacts that may have been overlooked are considered and promotes equal opportunities for all staff members, including those staff from groups that are underrepresented at senior levels.   

The Staff Review and Development (SRD) scheme, whilst remaining a separate and independent mechanism for reviewing personal contribution, should be used to discuss career aspirations and assess an individual’s readiness for progression.  It is essential that these types of discussions are taking place on a regular and ongoing basis throughout the course of an individual’s career.  

Heads of Institutions are expected to undertake annual performance appraisals with staff as part of the SRD scheme, and it is recommended that the appraisal undertaken in the last 12 months is used to support an individual’s application. 

Applications follow the same process and timetable as applications under the ACP T&S scheme for promotion and each application will progress through the same Committee stages.  The Chair of the FC, supported by the Secretary, and seeking the advice from the members of Committee by circulation as appropriate, will decide in each case who should provide the name of an internal referee, as appropriate. 

The FC will consider the documentation for each application to the Contribution Reward Schemes and agree collectively the evaluation for each applicant, documenting in each case whether the application is supported, the number of increments to award and the reasons for this decision.  The Committee will then rank the applicants according to the strength of their applications.  Applications will then follow the same process as those for the ACP T&S scheme i.e. progressing through the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee (VCC). 

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application in line with the ACP T&S exercise and unsuccessful applicants may request feedback on their application from their Head of Institution.  There is no right of appeal against the outcome.  

Application Promotion Scheme Faculty Committee nominates Total References
University Associate Professor and Associate Teaching Professor, (Grade 10) CRS in Scheme A Applicant nominates 1 internal referees, FC confirms nomination* 1
Senior Teaching Associates (Grade 8) and Teaching Associates (Grade 6 & 7)  CRS in Scheme B No references required 0

*Note, the internal referee is in addition to the statement provided by the Head of Institution