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Teaching and Scholarship


At each stage of the process, and in addition to ensuring the business of each committee is carried out in accordance with this guidance, the Chair is required to ensure that:

  • Each application is assessed against the published Assessment Criteria
  • Committee members understand that Indicators of Excellence are suggestive in nature and non-exhaustive; not all indicators will be relevant to all applicants;    
  • Appropriate consideration is given to any declared Contextual Factors and/or COVID-related impacts and advice is sought from the relevant HR Business Partnering Team in advance of the meeting as appropriate; 
  • Appropriate consideration is given to applications where the subject area crosses School Committee boundaries (see Interdisciplinary Applications);  
  • The Minutes of each Committee meeting are an accurate record and include the justifications for the Committee’s decisions and are approved by each member; and,
  • All necessary action is taken following approval of the Minutes.


Faculty Committee Chair

Specifically, the FC Chair is expected to ensure that: 

  • Applications are assessed to check whether the appropriate academic office has been applied for (and may request a revised application to be submitted in time for consideration; such cases are exceptional and must be clearly justified).  In the first round, applicants may apply for more than one grade.  In these cases, if the applicant does not meet the criteria for the higher grade for which they have applied, the FC may recommend that the applicant is promoted to a lower grade. Accordingly, the applicant should be ranked both for the grade for which they applied and for the lower grade.
  • There is an appropriate gender balance of applications and explanations provided by the Heads of Institution are reviewed and appropriate action taken before the FC meeting; and,  
  • The Institutional Statement is sufficiently detailed and contains sufficient explanation.


School Committee Chair

Specifically, the SC Chair is expected to ensure that they: 

  • Liaise, if necessary, with the Chair of any other SC to which a FC has referred an application; 
  • Liaise, if necessary, with the Chair of any FC that considered applications submitted to the SC. 
  • The SC should give special consideration to applicants who have applied for two grades and where the FC has recommended promotion to a lower grade. The SC should 
    confirm the ranked order and ensure specific feedback is recorded for the applicant.