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Teaching and Scholarship


This section sets out the promotion and progression criteria for the ACP T&S processes, which apply to all academic teaching & scholarship staff. The Assessment Criteria for each academic office/post are given below together with generic Indicators of Excellence. 

Each application will be considered and assessed on its own merit against the Assessment Criteria for the level in question, taking into equal account evidence of both inputs and outputs. For clarity, in relation to:

  • Teaching:  Account may be taken from previous academic employment in the University and/or College(s) in relation to teaching but not from institutions external to the University.
  • Scholarship:  Account may be taken of evidence in relation to scholarship, regardless of where it has been undertaken.
  • Service:  Evidence of contribution to the applicant’s subject other than in teaching and scholarship may also include contributions made outside the University.


The generic Indicators of Excellence provide examples of evidence of fulfilment of these criteria.  All examples are suggestive in nature and non-exhaustive, and not all the indicators will be relevant to all applicants.

Applicants should refer to the Committees section (in particular Overarching Considerations) in this Guide for more guidance on the approach that Committees are expected to take in evaluating evidence. 

The General Board has the discretion to make changes to the weighting, thresholds, score range, or any other element of the scoring methodology that it deems necessary.

The Assessment Criteria and Indicators of Excellence are set out as two separate schemes below:

  • Scheme A for those on Grade 9 and above
  • Scheme B for those on Grades 6 to 8, including criteria for promotion to Grade 9.