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Teaching and Scholarship


This guidance sets out the University’s procedure for the consideration of academic promotion following approval of the Report introducing an Academic (Teaching & Scholarship) Career Pathway, which has been approved by the Regent House. Academic promotion is available under the following two schemes:

Scheme A: 

  • Promotion to the academic offices of University Associate Professor (Grade 10) and Professor (Grade 11 and Grade 12), for established staff;
  • Promotion to Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 10) and Teaching Professor (Grade 11 and 12) for unestablished staff;
  • Details of the pay progression scheme for University Associate Professor and Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 10) seeking to progress to the higher salary points.


Scheme B: 

  • Promotion to Grade 7 for Teaching Associates; to Senior Teaching Associate (Grade 8) and to Associate Professor (Grade 9) or to Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 9)*; 
  • Details of the Contribution Reward Schemes for Teaching Associates and Senior Teaching Associates on Grades 6, 7 and 8.


There is normally an expectation of step-by-step progression through each level of the career pathway. Therefore, applicants will normally be expected to submit applications for promotion to one grade above their current post.  Exceptions to this will require the support of the relevant Head of Institution, and prior agreement of the Faculty Committee. 

Progression from University Assistant Professor and Assistant Teaching Professor to University Associate Professor and Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 9) forms part of the University’s Probation process for academic staff (see the University’s Probation Policy and Academic Probation Procedure).

The case for promotion/progression is assessed in relation to the criteria on the strength of all the evidence contained in the documentation covering the academic’s career (see Assessment Criteria). 

In all cases, institutions should ensure that sufficient funding is identified to support applications for promotion and ongoing salary costs.  Queries concerned with funding should be raised with the relevant School Finance Manager in the first instance.


*Post-probation after a minimum of two-years’ service.  


Office Progression to
University Assistant Professor or University Associate Professor (Grade 9) University Associate Professor (Grade 10)
University Associate Professor (Grade 10) Professor (Grade 11)
Professor (Grade 11) Professor (Grade 12)



Unestablished Post Progression to
Assistant Teaching Professor or Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 9) Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 10)
Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 10) Teaching Professor (Grade 11)
Teaching Professor (Grade 11) Teaching Professor (Grade 12)

Table 1: T&S Career Pathway Summary Scheme A


Unestablished Post Progression to
Teaching Associate (Grade 6) Teaching Associate (Grade 7)
Teaching Associate (Grade 7) Senior Teaching Associate (Grade 8)
Senior Teaching Associate (Grade 8) Associate Teaching Professor (Grade 9) (Post-probation and after a minimum of two-years' service)

Table 2: T&S Career Pathway Summary Scheme B