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Teaching and Scholarship



  • For each annual ACP round, Faculty Boards will review and nominate the membership of their FC and seek approval from the relevant Council of the School. The FC Chair will be nominated from among those members.
  • Each School has a SC, the membership of which will be approved by the relevant Council of the School and will include the Head of School. The Council of each School will also nominate a Chair from an institution independent of that School and a member external to the University, who will be a distinguished academic, for appointment by the GB. Each committee will be invited to co-opt an additional external member for the first few years of operation of the schemes to assist the University in embedding institutional experience. 
  • The membership of both the FCs and SCs should comprise: 
  1. a minimum of five members and normally not more than nine members, who will normally be at professorial level and will be chosen to cover the range of disciplines covered by the committee, and will be chosen to cover the range of disciplines covered by the committee and;
  2. a professorial member of staff in an appropriate subject area who is independent of the institutions covered by that committee. 


  • An additional member, with specific expertise in teaching focused academic practice, may be invited to join the Faculty or School Committee, where deemed relevant by a school.
  • Members of the FC and SC will normally serve for a three-year term and no member may serve for more than two consecutive terms of three years. 
  • The full membership of the promotions committees will be published in the Reporter in the Michaelmas Term. 
  • VCC membership comprises: The Vice-Chancellor (Chair), the Chair and external member of each SC and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for staff.  Other attendees at the meeting include the Director of Human Resources (Secretary) and the Academic Secretary (Secretary of the GB).
  • Provision will be made for an additional external member to be included on the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee, who has knowledge and experience of implementing similar schemes, to help the University embed institutional understanding of an academic (teaching and scholarship) career pathway.
  • Committee members must be Professors or of professorial standing [1]. 
  • There is no age disqualification for membership. 
  • The gender balance of each Committee should be as close to 50% men and 50% women as reasonably possible and should normally include a minimum of two members of each gender.  Consideration should be given to the racial and ethnic diversity of the committees. The Secretary of each School Committee should check with each external member how they wish their gender and race to be described.  A report will be provided centrally of the gender, race and ethnic origin of Committee members. 
  • University members of promotions committees are expected to undertake relevant training in equality and diversity matters as specified by the Human Resources Division on behalf of the General Board.  


[1] Exceptionally, permission may be given in certain circumstances for non-professorial members to be appointed.  If this is considered necessary, advice should be sought from the Lead HR Business Partner.